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The imagination is an abundant source of power innate within us all. We believe it is key to affecting significant change in a complicated world, to the success of future generations. 

Punchdrunk Enrichment is a charity creating transformational cultural experiences for education, community and family audiences. 

Based in London, our immersive projects put people at the heart of an unforgettable journey. Since 2009 we have impacted the lives of more than 150,000 participants via our work for schools, families and in community settings. Our well known high-quality approach to world-making gives a rich sense of joy and wonder to the communities we serve. 

We enrich and empower those who would benefit most from our work by addressing equity of access to the arts and 100% of our projects in schools positively impact the most reluctant learners. Our work is infused with learning and social outcomes leading to Purpose (feelings of empowerment), Positivity (feelings of happiness) and Possibility (motivation to change). 

Inspire Children

Inspire Children

Encouraging a love of learning and inspiring limitless possibility through powerful imaginative experiences.

Equip Teachers

Equip Teachers

Providing teachers with the skills and resources to utilise an immersive approach to education.

Enrich Families

Enrich Families

Ensuring equal access to enriching family experiences and bringing people of all ages together.

Train Creatives

Train Creatives

Forging new, accessible pathways into the creative industries through exceptional training.

Foster Community

Foster Community

Developing transformative community partnerships to combat inequity of access to creative experiences.

When you donate

you are unlocking opportunity for

£20 A child to experience our flagship primary schools literacy project The Lost Lending Library.
£50 A family of four to experience a Punchdrunk Enrichment family show.
£100 A teacher to receive a bespoke, creative training session from a Punchdrunk Enrichment practitioner.
£500 A class to experience our creative writing project A Small Tale.
£1000 A young theatre practitioner to develop skills in scenic arts through paid training from industry professionals.
£3000 A whole primary school to experience A Curious Quest.


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Why Support Us

The children were so excited by where they had been, what they had seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched and been told, and were so powerfully motivated by the characters they had met, that they came away filled with an urgent need to communicate. […] This vivid and emotionally charged immersive experience successfully kindled their creative energies and their enthusiasm for speaking and writing – all the teacher had to do was to fan the flames. It was a joy to behold.

– Elizabeth Booth, Headteacher, Dalmain Primary School, Lewisham, on working with Punchdrunk

I can’t remember seeing anything quite like it and I can understand why the children – and the teachers! – are mesmerised by it. We don’t always see the arts, creativity and schools working together well but this was a good example of how it can be done effectively… It will stay in my mind as a really good example of arts organisations working with schools.

– Baroness Estelle Morris, former education Secretary, after visiting The Lost Lending Library, 2017

It’s not just promoting a particular community and its own historical figures, but it’s also imbuing that spirit into the next generation through the art of storytelling, words, and imagination. The Lost Lending Library has this effect whether you are 8 years old or 80 years young, and if this was Punchdrunk Enrichment’s goal, then it is certainly fulfilling the brief.

– 5 stars from Always time for theatre, Emma Dorfman, December 2022

By donating to Punchdrunk Enrichment you are becoming a Keyholder and unlocking possibilities and removing barriers for those who stand to gain the most through our positive and purposeful work. As a keeper of that key, we see you as a champion of the imagination and gatekeeper of accessible opportunities.

Your support opens doors for people across the UK. We look forward to sharing our work with you and will provide regular updates and insights into all our work as well as annual impact reports.

A big thank you to our generous funders and supporters. We could not do this important work without you.


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