In a dimly lit room surrounded by books, a performer is sat on a chair in front of a group of children sat on the floor
Punchdrunk Enrichment's The Lost Lending Library. Image by Paul Cochrane.

Support Punchdrunk Enrichment in the following ways:


We are pleased to accept donations by cheque.

Please make cheques payable to Punchdrunk Enrichment and send them to: Punchdrunk Enrichment, 22 Watkin Road, Wembley HA9 0NL 


CAF, which is itself a UK charity, exists to assist individual donors support causes that matter to them. CAF can be used to make a donation to Punchdrunk Enrichment via Paypal, debit or credit card or by creating a CAF giving account. An account allows for a donation to CAF to be distributed directly to Punchdrunk Enrichment. You can make a donation with complete anonymity with CAF. CAF also accepts donations from individuals living outside of the UK.

GIVE AS YOU EARN (Payroll Giving)

Many services including CAF and the Charities’ Trust  provide Payroll Giving services for companies. Employees can make pre-tax salary donations directly to Punchdrunk Enrichment. This is a cost effective way to support us, or any cause.  EG A gift of £15 only costs a payroll giving donor £12 from their pre-tax salary. Contact your HR team to see if your company is enrolled or open to setting this up or talk to us directly to support you in giving this way.  You may also be interested in corporate support.


Donors in America can support Punchdrunk Enrichment in a tax effective way by donating here through CAF America (which has 501(c)3 tax exempt status) and searching for Punchdrunk Enrichment in their global charity database. American donors can become Keyholders, or provide unrestricted support by donating in this way. Please note that the minimum donation via CAF America is $500 and an admin fee of 8% is chargeable.


Your employer could match your donation to Punchdrunk Enrichment via the Benevity cause portal. Eligible donations are matched pound for pound by your employer, meaning your contribution to Punchdrunk Enrichment’s charitable work is doubled and goes a whole lot further.


PayPal Giving Fund enables individuals to make unrestricted donations to charities without being charged fees. This is great way to make a one off donation to support Punchdrunk Enrichment’s work. 


Anyone selling via eBay can set a percentage of the sale amount to be given to a charity, including Punchdrunk Enrichment.  If you sell on eBay, please consider setting Punchdrunk Enrichment as your chosen charity partner.


Leaving Punchdrunk Enrichment a gift in your Will is a lasting way to support our charitable objectives and enable us to continue producing groundbreaking work for many years to come.

Email to find out more.