A group of young children in school uniform holding yellow stars
Punchdrunk Enrichment’s The Wishing Cupboard. Image by Stephen Dobbie.

Punchdrunk Enrichment is grateful for the wonderful support we receive from all generous contributors. 

Our current Trust and Foundation partners are as follows:

Paul Hamlyn Foundation 

Backstage Trust • Maria Bjӧrnson Memorial Fund • The Eggardon Trust   International Music and Art Foundation • John Lyon's Charity • Wandsworth Grant Fund • The Wates Foundation •

We give our great thanks to our family of Keyholders - including those to choose to remain anonymous - whose long standing support means a great deal to Punchdrunk Enrichment.
Our current Keyholders are:

Roger Armstrong • Paola Barbarino • Kay Buxton • Elizabeth Booth • Magali and Julien Barraux • James Cavanaugh • Charles Clarke • Stephen Coltrane • Victoria and Chris Davison • Janet Davies • Sarah Davies • Cameron Eeles • Sarah Elghady • Sandra Flatt • Marja Flipse and Gareth Henson • Chris Frost and Christina Garafola • Clemence Garcia • Jane Gill • Tim Gough • Paul Groombridge • Lucy-Jane Halcrow • Daniel Howells • Nadia Higson • Damien Hyland • In memory of Antonia King • Sophie Mak-Schram • Craig Mawdsley • Andrew and Jane McManus • Colin McQueen and Tina Kotrotsis • Nicole Newman • Graeme and Heather Robertson • Vivienne Rodgers • Patricia Ryan • D I Rhys • Nicola and Michael Sacher • Alison Scott • Mike Servent • Peter Sheil • Graham Sleight • Chris Schleicher • Lisa and Michael Springle • Laura Stabler • Helen Stott • Simon Tesler • Alain Thys • Daniel Vincze • Dan Watkins • Lain Zhong • and all others who wish to remain anonymous.