A group of children in a dimly lit room stand around a table and hold a green lantern.
Punchdrunk Enrichment's The Oracles. Image by Paul Cochrane.

Punchdrunk Enrichment makes immersive theatre for schools, families and communities. 

You’ll find us in classrooms, theatres and warehouses across the UK and beyond, sharing joy and wonder. 

In a complicated world, we believe our imaginations can help us create change. Our projects and productions unlock creativity. We motivate children to get writing, reading and sharing their experiences.  

Our family theatre productions invite you to inhabit our stories. Whether it’s taking a seat in a Nanny Lacey’s comfy living room or discovering an epic travelling library, children always play a lead role in the adventures we take you on.

In schools, our immersive learning projects take the principles of immersive theatre into education settings, driving learning, boosting engagement and opening up a world of possibility in pupils. Not just for children, we also give teachers the chance to re-fuel their own imaginations with approaches that can apply across the curriculum.

We are dedicated to opening up our practice: our masterclass programme offers the chance to learn first hand from our creatives, online or in person. Proudly rooted in Brent, we offer opportunities to local artists and creatives to exchange ideas. Our talent development programme is also focused on growing the next generation of theatre workers, nurturing skills with hands-on opportunities.

Come on a journey with us...