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Why Support Us


We create unique theatrical experiences that take you to another world.

For schools, families, adults and communities, our work can transform, have a powerful impact and puts people at the heart of an unforgettable journey.


Punchdrunk Enrichment is a charity based in London. 

Our mission is to enrich and empower people: our unique and powerful projects typically elicit strong physical and emotional responses in people, shifting mindsets and encouraging new perspectives. Punchdrunk Enrichment’s work is for everyone – and our aim is for as many people to benefit from it as possible.

I just look at life differently now. I want to try my best!

– Year 3 pupil, after experiencing Punchdrunk Enrichment’s The Lost Lending Library, 2019

 As a charity, we rely on public and private support to realise our ambitious plans. Without subsidy from Arts Council England, donations, grants and other charitable income, we would be unable to realise our remarkable achievements – such as:

Our groundbreaking schools and education programme:

Our groundbreaking schools and education programme:

creating high-impact education and outreach projects for specific audiences, with a focus on delivering learning and social outcomes

Family theatre productions:

Family theatre productions:

creating immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy across the UK

Community based work:

Community based work:

bringing our approach to a variety of settings

Masterclasses and workshops:

Masterclasses and workshops:

sharing our practice online and in person

Talent Development

Talent Development

supporting the next generation of creative practitioners

An experimental Research and Development Programme:

An experimental Research and Development Programme:

exploring and testing new ideas that explore the intersections between theatre, education and technology

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Punchdrunk Enrichment’s work defies categorisation or comparison. Our projects and experiences inspire, excite and motivate people, whether they’re schoolchildren, care home residents, emerging theatre-makers or family groups. Our work leaves people changed.

Our high-impact education projects, for example, generate such excitement in schools that both teachers and children are left re-energised:

The children were so excited by where they had been, what they had seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched and been told, and were so powerfully motivated by the characters they had met, that they came away filled with an urgent need to communicate. Their speech was animated, almost ecstatic, their vocabularies noticeably extended. They ran to their desks to start writing… would bring in stories they had worked on at home. Their creative writing flourished. This vivid and emotionally charged immersive experience successfully kindled their creative energies and their enthusiasm for speaking and writing – all the teacher had to do was to fan the flames. It was a joy to behold.

– Elizabeth Booth, Headteacher, Dalmain Primary School, Lewisham, on working with Punchdrunk

In this way, our work catalyses and accelerates achievement. We take this work to the places where it can make a meaningful difference; addressing inequity of access to the arts, and geographically harder to reach places. And we are developing ways to get our work to more people, nationally.

I can’t remember seeing anything quite like it and I can understand why the children – and the teachers! – are mesmerised by it. We don’t always see the arts, creativity and schools working together well but this was a good example of how it can be done effectively… It will stay in my mind as a really good example of arts organisations working with schools.

– Baroness Estelle Morris, former education Secretary, after visiting The Lost Lending Library, 2017

By creating the conditions for positive change, our work has a lasting legacy. In schools, communities, and for individuals, we want to increase the reach of our work, achieving outcomes that go both further and deeper. To do this, we need to increase Punchdrunk’s income from donations in the coming year.

At a time when the arts are being diminished by government policy and theatre in education has been all but wiped out, Punchdrunk’s playful, lateral approach to the curriculum feels essential, and genuinely inspiring.

– The Times Literary Supplement, April 2019

  • Our current primary school adventures include; The Lost Lending Library, A Curious Quest, The Vanishing Land and A Small Tale.  For families we recently created two online experiences – The Wild Visitor and Our Home Story.  This autumn we open a family version of The Lost Lending Library as part of Coventry City of Culture, and will be developing our first early-years project in close consultation with teachers. 
  • Our flagship project The Lost Lending Library has engaged more than 30,000 pupils with the magic of reading and writing. Our work has been shown to have a highly positive impact on children’s literacy, speaking and listening skills – all of which form the building blocks for lifelong learning. 
  • Softer skills such as confidence, teamwork and developing a love of learning are hallmarks of our work. These skills have a ripple effect as well as make a difference to children’s interest in school and their sense of wellbeing. 
  • Finding new support is absolutely vital for Punchdrunk Enrichment now and will enable us to have maximum long-term impact on the lives of children this year and into the future.


is the average per-child cost of delivery of our flagship primary schools literacy project The Lost Lending Library


pays for the delivery of a bespoke, creative training session for a teacher by a Punchdrunk Enrichment practitioner


pays for the delivery of creative writing project A Small Tale to one class of pupils


covers the cost of an emerging creative practitioner working with a Punchdrunk Enrichment associate for two weeks


subsidises delivery of The Lost Lending Library to one primary school


covers the cost of creative and design development for a brand new Punchdrunk Enrichment project


supports a month-long run of a family show such as Small Wonders

You can support Punchdrunk Enrichment by becoming a Keyholder or making a donation of any amount. Please consider supporting our work today.

To connect with the Punchdrunk Enrichment Development team, email us via [email protected].


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