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Become a Corporate Partner

Imagine using a book to unlock a door disguised as a bookcase, then entering a dimly lit room you have never seen before. As your eyes adjust you can see books from floor to ceiling amongst trinkets, lamps and framed pictures. There is a Librarian here, ready to tell you a story…

This is how children discover Punchdrunk Enrichment’s The Lost Lending Library within their school, and is the beginning of a remarkable, magical journey. All our projects – for education, families or communities – combine the magic of immersive theatre with a lasting and transformational impact. Our work improves learning outcomes, boosts wellbeing and uplifts everyone involved. We create lasting memories that ignite the imagination.

We want to find a corporate partner who also values the power of creativity and the imagination.

As a Corporate Partner with Punchdrunk Enrichment, we’ll spend time together so we can understand your needs and identify opportunities for collaboration. A partnership with us will bring enjoyable and varied opportunities for your team and the chance to experience the awe and wonder our work creates. Together, we can affect change in education and positively impact the next generation. We would love to work with you.

Working with Punchdrunk Enrichment will help demonstrate your corporate and social responsibility commitments, lift employee morale and improve your customer loyalty. We pride ourselves on being open, responsive and value-driven partners, and seek the same from the companies we work with.

What we can offer you:

  • The chance to work together to support our mutual growth – for our charity and your company
  • Access to benefits including training, team building and volunteering opportunities, our bespoke Masterclass Programme and time for your team with our creative practitioners
  • The choice to support our whole range of work with schools, families and communities, or be the sole sponsor of one particular project;
  • The chance to support young people entering and seeking employment through our Talent Development programme;
  • Support for a new strand of work that makes a difference to the creative life of young people
  • Visibility for your brand on our print and digital materials and in collaboration with the media, if appropriate

How you could support us:

  • Naming Punchdrunk Enrichment as your charity partner
  • Collaborating with us on an event to raise money for our cause
  • Encouraging your employees to support us – and match the donations from your company
  • Telling your customers about our work
  • Booking a corporate masterclass with us
  • Utilising your company’s expertise to support our growth

Next steps…
To explore a partnership with us, please email
[email protected]


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