Our immersive learning experiences are designed to inspire and engage the imagination.

Inviting pupils and teachers on an adventure, our projects leave a lasting impact.

We work with schools locally in London, nationally and internationally, prioritising those that are most in need. From teacher-led adventures for a single class to installation based experiences for the whole school, we offer a range of projects with learning outcomes devised for primary school students. We know that the awe and wonder of a unique experience motivates young people in their learning, encouraging them to express themselves through oracy and literacy. 

Our mission is to empower learners and teachers to unlock purpose, possibility and positivity and enable transformational impact where it is needed most. 

Our approach has been developed with solid evaluation and intensive research over the last four years focusing on both children’s experiences (partnering with Goldsmiths, University of London) and teachers’ experiences (partnering with University of Sheffield and Leeds Beckett University).

We also offer professional development opportunities for teachers through our teacher-led projects.

We firmly believe that creativity should be at the heart of the curriculum. Our work deepens engagement and encourages excitement for school and learning. 

Image of a woman sat on a chair reading to school children who look up to her in amazement. She is telling them a story. They are sat in a small room with lots of books and pictures crammed onto shelves. It is a dark room with red walls and low lighting.
Punchdrunk Enrichments The Lost Lending Library. Photo by Paul Cochrane

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What is immersive learning?

Immersive play is an opportunity for a learner to enter a realm whereby they can explore or play with or manipulate or critique or analyse or interpret or challenge their views of their worlds and their relationships within a place where the real can’t stop that experience [...] if you make it fantasy […] It’s like any good narrative. We escape into the story. We travel on that narrative journey, try out things, and come out having learnt something about ourselves and the world.

A headteacher who has experienced our work

It helped me with my imagination, to think of things that are beyond what I thought was real. It inspired me to believe. It inspired me to make myself a bit free-spirited, because if that can happen, then anything can happen, so you need to be free-spirited and not ‘lock yourself up’, so you can achieve your goals [...] don’t expect the least, expect the most you can get.

A Year 4 pupil after experiencing The Lost Lending Library

The immersive projects you have given us really support our curriculum. Thank you for inspiring us, our staff and our children! You are really making an impact.

Teacher, 2021

National and International Hubs

We have worked with partners across the UK and internationally to bring our Teacher-Led Adventures to schools in their regions. These partners include Imaginate (Edinburgh), Royal Opera House (Thurrock), Z-Arts (Manchester) and Baboró International Festival (Galway). 

Through relationships with these trusted partners, we bring our creative approach into primary schools, boosting the skills of children and developing the horizons of teachers in the process.

If you’d like to hear more about being a partner and are an arts organisation or venue working with primary schools, please contact us at hello@punchdrunkenrichment.org.uk.