Allyship is a life-long process of building supportive associations and relationships based on trust, consistency and accountability with marginalised individuals and groups. An ally actively promotes and aspires to advance a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts.

There is no one way to learn allyship in the workplace, but by translating ideas and practices into action, we believe we can bring systematic change in the workplace and beyond. 

At Punchdrunk Enrichment we believe that Allyship is fundamental to our programmes of activity.

Our Allyship Working Group meets on a quarterly basis to drive forward with this work and hold ourselves accountable. Work continues in between each meeting. We decide on areas of priority on an annual basis. Our current focus is anti-racism. Work can include:

  • Agreeing training needs for the organisation
  • Interrogating our practice and ways of working
  • Exploring a forthcoming project and how we can maintain our commitment to allyship across all areas of activity

Anyone in the company can join the Allyship Working Group. Our current members are:

Peter Higgin (Chair)
Daisy Marsh
Lowri Spear
JoJo Tyhurst
Amy Davies Dolamore
Siobhan Higgins

This working group replaces the Anti-Racism Taskforce. 

Last updated on 20.5.24