'The Wishing Cupboard' is placed open on a garden wall. It is a small red box, inside is a tree with ribbons and a bell, a map, and some paper instructions.

About The Wishing Cupboard

A creative project for Early Years co-created with a group of Nursery and Reception teachers.  

The introduction of a beautiful poster in class signals the beginning of an inspiring story. It is followed with the arrival of a magical cupboard that needs the help of your class. ‘Lost’ objects start appearing inside, but only the pupils’ imaginations can support them to find their true purpose.

Could the stone be having a bubble bath? Or does it want to be a maths lecturer? Perhaps a hot water bottle for a rabbit? The children must help the objects find their destiny! 


The Wishing Cupboard aims to:

  • Raise standards in literacy, oracy and communication skills in Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Inspire and develop imaginative teaching practices within the classroom.

What is included in the project:

  • A one day CPD to immerse teachers in Punchdrunk Enrichment practice and to share advice and tips on how to best deliver the project.
  • A toolkit of handmade props, posters and materials for simple design installations that bring The Wishing Cupboard to life in your school.
  • A detailed teacher resource pack.
  • These materials can be used to repeat the project for future year groups.

Communication was definitely one of the most amazing outcomes, but the social skills as well, and also, they just wanted each other’s wishes to come true.

A teacher involved in the creation of ‘The Wishing Cupboard’

With thanks to the Immersive Learning Collective teachers who co-developed this project with Punchdrunk Enrichment. 

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