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Since man first took to the skies, story balloonists have travelled the globe in search of new places, people and most importantly, the most fabulous tale… 


Up, Up and Away brought to life the tale of Marianne Montgolfier, Vincent Lunardi and Bernard Blanchard. As balloonists they travel the world, letting the wind carry them from place to place, collecting, gathering and telling stories. Eager to spread the art of story telling and to find new imaginative storytellers, they decide they can only visit places that they know will provide them with brilliant new tales.


Up, Up and Away was originally created for Dalmain Primary School, from there it travelled to Holy Trinity Primary School and then to Land of Kids in May 2013. There, the balloonists discovered a magical storytelling elixir, created by the eccentric botanist, Professor von Brewster. Could the balloonists pull the wool over the Professor’s eyes, and get access to this very special tonic?


Up, Up and Away was generously supported by the Paddington Charitable Estates Educational Fund.

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Creative Team

  • Director

    Peter Higgin

  • Writers

    Frances Moulds & Matthew Odell

  • Designers

    Sean Turner & George Ellison

  • Sound & Graphic Design

    Stephen Dobbie

  • Lighting Designer

    Barra Collins


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