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Sleep No More tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens, offering an audience experience unlike anything else on the New York scene.

Audiences move freely through the epic story of Macbeth, creating their own journeys through a film noir world.

Sleep No More has won a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience and a Special Citation For Design And Choreography at the Obie Awards.

The first production of Sleep No More took place in London, 2003. A second rendition was presented by Punchdrunk and The American Repertory Theatre in Boston, 2009.

If you have experienced and enjoyed one of our previous productions, then please consider supporting our ongoing work with communities, schools and families. 

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Creative Team

  • Directors

    Felix Barrett & Maxine Doyle

  • Choreographer

    Maxine Doyle

  • Designers

    Felix Barrett, Livi Vaughan, Beatrice Minns

  • Lighting Designers

    Felix Barrett & Euan Maybank

  • Sound Design & Composition

    Stephen Dobbie

  • Costume Design

    David Israel Reynoso

  • Production Consultant

    Colin Nightingale


Brilliantly imagined! Utterly unique! Brilliant and sly and insane. The level of detail is enough to make you swoon.

– Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press

The show infects your dreams. I’ve felt theater overwhelm me before, but until Sleep No More, I’ve never felt it pass through me. It was a lovely evening in hell, one I’ll be recovering from for some time.

– Scott Brown, New York Magazine

A merry macabre chase. A voyeur’s delight. Messes with your head as thoroughly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular!

– Ben Brantley, The New York Times


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