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But I do not treat you as an omen of my journey.

A lost play, re-imagined. Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the women of Lemnos. Kabeiroi is a two-person adventure that takes place across London over six hours. You are at the centre of the story. Part city tour, part game, see the streets become your playground.

Kabeiroi is different to what’s come before.


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Creative Team

  • Director

    Felix Barrett

  • Associate Director

    Kath Duggan

  • Creative Director

    Stephen Dobbie

  • Stage & Costume Designer

    Jessica Banting

  • Sound Designer

    Salvador Garza

  • Creative Associates

    Stephanie Allen, Sophia Broido, Hector Harkness, Clem Garritty

  • Academic Consultant

    Emma Cole

  • Design Assistants

    Esme Duncan, George Ellison, Jen Gardner, Josephine Kvarnhjelm, Amy Pitt, Becky-Dee Trevenen


Production Team

  • Producer

    Sarah Sansom
  • Associate Producer

    Stephanie Allen
  • Production and Producing Consultant

    Colin Nightingale
  • Production Manager

    Sam Clear
  • Production Controllers

    Clem Garritty, Robert K Harm, Will Herman
  • Lead Technical Manager

    Jon Davis
  • Technical Manager

    Sarah Readman
  • Production Associate

    Ben Hosford
  • Stage Managers

    Caroline Abbas, Mia Harris, Siân Marr, Lucy Taylor
  • Prop Re-setters

    Craig Bruce & Amelia Clifford
  • App Developer

    Jim Bending
  • Health & Safety Consultant

    Julia Sawyer
  • Production Driver

    Hashel Yissau
  • Production Assistant

    Emilie Labourey

Realisation team

  • Sound Technicians

    Lex Kosanke, Viktor Palfi, Oscar Thompson
  • Lighting Technicians

    Gareth Clough, Paul Salmon
  • Carpenters

    Simon Bishop, Jack Bodimeade
  • Crew

    Verity Coward, Rich Irvine, Ursula Kerswell, John MacKinnon, Llew Watkins
  • Drivers

    Lisa Mesgian, Jody Schroeder, Raj Pardesi
  • Security Consultants

    SFM Security

For Punchdrunk

  • Executive Director

    Rebecca Dawson
  • Communications Manager

    JoJo Tyhurst
  • Brand Partnerships Lead

    Sandy McKay
  • PR

    The Corner Shop PR
  • Finance Manager

    Judith Glynne
  • Administrator

    Anna Jones

Supported by

  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • Punchdrunk International
  • Samsung Electronics America


  • Myriam Acharki

  • Elizabeth Bartram

  • Sophia Broido

  • Lin Clifton

  • Vinny Dhillon

  • Ellie James

  • Finetta Oliver-Mikolajska

  • Joanna Simpkins

  • Hector Harkness

    Voice Over Artist

Box Office

  • Managed by

    See Tickets

Delivered in partnership with

  • Armitage Storage, Secure Parking Bloomsbury Square, CitySpace Bloomsbury, Generator Hostel, Regent’s Place, The Grange Hotel Group, The British Museum, YMCA Bloomsbury

With thanks to

  • Kate Anderson
  • Simon Cane
  • Nick Mercer
  • Gavin Plaskitt
  • Punchdrunk International
  • Sydney Thornbury
  • A woman's hands picking up a wine glass off a hotel bed.
    Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi. Photograph by Stephen Dobbie
  • Low red light shining through shelves.
    Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi. Photograph by Stephen Dobbie
  • Two women wearing headphones in front of an exhibit at the British Museum.
    Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi. Photograph by Stephen Dobbie
  • Image of bright car park tunnel. White light.
    Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi. Photograph by Stephen Dobbie
  • Female hotel maid staring out from behind a door.
    Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi. Photo by Stephen Dobbie.

Part tourist trip, part cult initiation ceremony, the experimental theatre outfit’s new show blurs the boundary between the real world and the imagined

– Anne Corlett, The Guardian


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