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A Curious Quest: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a local history project for a whole primary school.

A strange creature that moves objects in the night and has a unique obsession with lost treasure. Sometimes invisible, this little sprite is said to mostly take the form of a sparrow.

This three week project begins with the arrival of a small museum of curiosities lent by a local history society. Inside the museum, seven artefacts are exhibited, but when Year 6 open an old box displayed in the Folklore section, a strange creature escapes… bells ring when it’s near, it leaves nests where it has slept and muddy bird prints in classroom corners. The only way to tempt it safely back into its box is to place a trove of lost treasure inside.

But where will the school find a trove of lost treasure? They might discover more than they ever imagined about the lost stories and histories of their local area…


Project aims

  • To raise primary school pupils’ engagement with local history and geography by revealing the rich and tangible histories that surround their schools
  • To inspire and develop imaginative teaching practices within the school as a whole and place teachers at the centre of the creativity, through a CPD session led by Punchdrunk for all school staff before the beginning of the project
  • To provide teachers with all of the tools and assets needed to lead an inspiring creative learning project for their pupils 
  • To engage pupils with stories told by artefacts and objects
  • To encourage school cohesion by engaging the whole school in one narrative

Who is it for?

A Curious Quest is a whole-school project* available to London-based primary schools. Each teacher is given all of the tools and support to lead this adventure with their students.

*For one and two form entry Primary Schools – larger Primary Schools are welcome to contact Punchdrunk to discuss the project for a specific Key Stage or group of classes.

If you’d like to find out more about A Curious Quest, please contact [email protected]

They have loved it! I wouldn’t usually get so much writing from them…all of them were so invested.

– Reception Class Teacher, 2019
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Creative Team

  • Director and Writer

    Tara Boland

  • Designer

    Kat Heath

  • Creative Carpentry & Design

    Daniel Richards

  • Sound & Graphic Design

    Stephen Dobbie

  • Creative Associate

    Oliver Jones

  • Lighting Design

    Sarah Readman

  • Creative Technologist

    Michele Panegrossi


There was an impact for every child in the school…If you looked at any book across the school now, there would be an incredible story in there, all rooted in that history.

– Year 4 / 5 teacher, Tower Hamlets, 2019

I would recommend it to any school.

– Headteacher, Lewisham, 2019


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