News Story

Today we are proud to share a brand-new collaboration with Kiln Theatre and our plans to work in partnership on the forthcoming original Kiln Young Company production.

The partnership will create a series of firsts for both companies – the first time the Kiln Theatre Young Company will collaborate with Punchdrunk Enrichment; and the first time Punchdrunk Enrichment will collaborate with 16-18 year olds to develop a new theatre production, and form a major part of their first season of work in Brent. The working process will see both companies exchange practices and skill sets, culminating in performances in the summer of 2024 at Punchdrunk Enrichment’s new home in Wembley Park which has undergone significant regeneration in recent years, with culture and community building playing a central role.

Artistic Director of Kiln Theatre, Indhu Rubasingham, said, "Kiln is very excited about this new collaboration with Punchdrunk Enrichment and hope it’s the beginning of many partnerships in our Borough of Brent.  Kiln is very proud of the work we have created over the years with young people. It is the life force of our theatre and vital for our industry. We are thrilled Punchdrunk Enrichment is now in Brent and look forward to the increased wonderful opportunities and experiences now on offer to young people of Brent”

Peter Higgin, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk Enrichment added, “’As our company has moved to a new home in Brent this year, we’re hugely excited to announce this partnership with the leading arts provider in the borough.  Engaging with the young people of Brent both in and out of our immersive arts space in Wembley is one of the key aspects of the work we have planned.  I can think of no better collaborator than Kiln.”

Work on the performance will begin in November 2023 with a series of workshops and research and development – the themes and issues explored in the production will be led by the young people giving them the autonomy and agency, responding to their everyday, and life in the borough of Brent.