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Unlock immersive learning in these short audio exercises.

As a leader in immersive learning experiences, we believe in the transformative power of imagination. In fact, thinking imaginatively about the space around you is a key step towards creating an immersive project. Many of our projects focus around the transformation of a familiar place becoming somewhere extraordinary. Sometimes this is literal, such as the arrival of The Lost Lending Library in a school. However, a teacher-led adventure like A Small Tale can be just as impactful, with an ordinary classroom becoming the setting for the adventures of two tiny people.

We believe that any environment can be a gateway to immersive learning.

At the heart of immersive learning lies the ability to imagine possibilities in even the most ordinary of places. The following creative audio exercises are designed to support educators in reimagining the spaces and resources around you.

The three guided exercises are intended to be listened to in order, but feel free to explore them in a way that suits you best. Take your time, listen again if you need to and let your creativity flourish. Each exercise lasts between two and three minutes, and invites you to embark on an imaginative journey.

You will need:

  • A pen and paper
  • A nearby object
  • Let’s dive in!

Exercise One: This is the Place

  • Think creatively about a familiar space
  • Imagine how that space could transform into something entirely different

Exercise Two: The Space Dictates

  • Add more detail to the transformation of a space
  • Craft a narrative around the transformation of a space

Exercise Three: Questions to Ask

  • Investigate the characteristics of an object
  • Use the object to create a story

These exercises were originally developed as part of our Immersive Learning Collective and have been adopted by a group of teachers to cultivate their own immersive projects.

If you’re eager to continue your immersive learning journey, here are some suggested next steps:

  • Revisit the exercises: Build upon your initial ideas or select a brand new space to explore.
  • Delve deeper into immersive learning: Read more about the principles and impact of immersive learning in our blog.
  • Participate in an interactive workshop: Join our online masterclasses and learn directly from Punchdrunk Enrichment practitioners.
  • Lead your own project: Try A Small Tale, available for purchase on our website, which includes an online CPD to guide you through the process.
  • Stay connected: Sign up for our schools mailing list to receive creative exercises and immersive learning opportunities directly in your inbox.

Each exercise was voiced by Alice Kitty Devlin and animated by Steph Jee.

Exercise 1: “This is the Place” created by Barry Fitzgerald, Punchdrunk Enrichment performer and Immersive Learning Collective mentor
Exercise 2: “The Space Dictates” created by Peter Higgin, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk Enrichment
Exercise 3: “Questions to Ask” created by Punchdrunk Enrichment Associate Artists