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Punchdrunk were approached by W Hotel’s PR agency, John Doe, to create an innovative way to showcase the new Leicester Square W Hotel to VIP and press.

Five bespoke stories were created as exclusive 1-on-1 performances for just 60 audience members. Fed through in groups of five, guests were led to believe it was a standard tour only to get into the lift and be dropped off one by one on a different floor.

As they explored the rooms and corridors of the hotel, guests discovered the secrets that lay behind its doors. Piecing together fragments of a story, they were drawn into an enticing world, in which they encountered all manner of mysterious happenings.


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Creative Team

  • Director

    Hector Harkness

  • Designers

    Beatrice Minns and Samara Scott

  • Costume Designer

    Jacqueline White


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