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Punchdrunk Enrichment

A Small Tale: A Teacher-Led Adventure


A literacy project for primary schools that ignites a passion and motivation for writing while raising standards in reading, speaking and listening. 

The Punchdrunk Encyclopedia


The Punchdrunk Encyclopaedia is the definitive history of the company to date. Written by Josephine Machon with Punchdrunk, the book features insights from members of the key creative team, along with writing from past friends and collaborators, such as Adam Curtis, Nicholas Hytner and Lyn Gardner.

Much like a mask show, readers are invited to make their own journey through the book which is written in playful encyclopaedic format. A series of exercises also offer the chance to delve deeper into our creative approach.

From first ever production The Tempest, to Masque of the Red Death and Sleep No More, The Punchdrunk Encyclopaedia charts the company’s adventures since 2000. It is suitable for anyone with an interest in our work and approach to theatre.

Explore our 360 to read extracts from the book.

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